Versalicious-Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones-CD


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Dreamers And Believers
How To Be A Big Hit
Hey Bartender
The Last Thing On My Mind
Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel
Cold Beer
She’s Going Up
Where Were You
The Generals Son
Take My Hand
Beer Pockets
Play Musicians
More Of Your Love


  1. Steve Litwin

    Thirteen may be an unlucky number for some, but for Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones it a savory, delectable musical dish that truly is, as the title indicates, “Versalicious. Upbeat and driving, the 13 tracks of this Bel-Aire CD offer a menu with everything from your Grandmother’s kitchen, to the country flavor of Nashville, to the modern fast food styling of today.

    Potoniec’s “Cold Beer” is covered with just the right touch of Blazonczyk’s musical intervention and keeps the old but adds some new. “Where Were You, a Trojak product from the early days of the Dynatones, Wojnarowski’s “The General’s Son,” “Play Musicians” from the pen of Oberaitis, and Libera’s “How To Be A Big Hit” fulfill the pierogi and kapusta Polish roots food group.

    “Hey Bartender” and “Beer Pockets” are more the traditional Versatones’ products with Eddie Jr. behind the composition and the band doing them up in typical EBV style.

    “Take My Hand,” ala Travis Tritt,” “More of Your Love,” “The Last Thing on My Mind,” the KHH’s “Jessico,” and Dreamers and Believers” fill the menu page with plenty of country, some BNL, and a little Celtic. Is this your Grandfather’s Versatones? No! But, it hasn’t forgotten your Grandfather, his music and the roots of his music. It’s a musical meal pleasing to all tastes, a treat for the musical palette and perfect for your polka diet.

    Eddie Blazonczyk, Jr. is easily the hardest working boxman in the business. The “never-aging” Bobby Zima is on drums. David “Nigel” Kurdziel is Mr. bassman. Gerry Kaminski and Jimmy Sierzega handle the trumpets and John Wudtke “is” the accordion. Roger Malinkowski is on piano.

    Versalicious was recorded and mixed at Bel-Aire Studios and mastered at ARS Studios and was produced by E. Blazonczyk, Jr. and Bel-Aire Enterprises. – Steve Litwin

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