Under The Influence-Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones-CD


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2005 Release -Grammy Nominated CD
All The Way
Lost Bouquet
The Fox
Soldier Boy
Nobody´s Fool Anymore
A Few Things I Know
I Dreamed My Baby Came Home
Trouble Again
Only You
Solitary Man


  1. Steve Litwin

    Polka Jukebox By Steve Litwin

    Under The Influence is the new one by Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones
    and it’s another solid performance by this Chi-town Music Association.
    From the unique and professional packaging, to the originals, to
    the Polish tracks, to the true class behind the entire product,
    the Versatones do it all right. Originals, ” Nobody’s Fool
    Anymore” and “Trouble Again” work well with a superb
    polka soul-grabbing arrangement of “Soldier Boy” and my
    definite favorite “Squeezebox” polka. Squeezebox, with
    some nice JR boxwork, and an English and Polish, deserves a lot
    of airplay on polka radio. Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones include:
    Eddie Blazonczyk Jr. on concertina and fiddle, Dave “Nigel”
    Kurdziel on bass, Bob Zima on drums, Jim Sierzega on trumpet, John
    Wudtke on accordion, Mike Stapinski on clarinet and Roger Malinowski,
    Jr. on piano. Producing a quality product has long been the key
    to the success of the Versatones. Known for being the pace-setters
    of the polka world, the tradition continues with Under The Influence.
    Of course, this one is on the one and only Bel-Aire Recordings.

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