Trel Tones Collection – The Trel Tones – CD


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Three Albums On One CD

How Much I love You Polka
Kathleen My Sweetheart Polka
Where Is My Home Waltz?
I Love You So Polka
My Boyfriend Polka
Don’t Sweetheart Me Polka
I’ll Have A Broken Heart Polka
Coming Back To My Lover Polka
Lovesick Polka

Wedding Bells Polka
You Will Cry Polka
Super Jam Session Polka
Lover Oh Lover Polka
Castle Of Dreams Polka
Heartaches Polka
Blue Skirt Waltz
Jolly Fellow Polka

Tell Me That You Love Me Polka
Circus Polka
Early Morning Oberek
Janie’s Polka
Without Your Love Waltz
Psia Krew Polka
My Buddy’s Wedding Polka
Cheated Girl Polka
Naughty Eyes Polka

The Vintage Collection from Bel-Aire recordings has offered a tremendous selection of archived music from the label and now they give the polka world The Trel Tones from three dynamic albums from the 1970s.

On compact disc from Bel-Aire  you can now enjoy Polka Lovers, Super Polkas For Super People and Polkas Pod Nogi and hear the Treltones in the years they developed their style. These recordings present a classic “rawness” in their music, a bit unpolished but yet with a “play it from the heart” attitude.

Polka Lovers has Andy and Steve Fenus teamed with Dave Morris on clarinet, sax, trumpet and bass.  Yes, the order of those instruments is correct. “My Boy Friend” polka and “Lovesick” are just two “hits” here.

Super Polkas for Super People with almost more a push and dyno style, and no concertina, teams the Fenus brothers with Jim Weber on trumpet, sax, and clarinet, Pat Pielin on accordion, Dave Barnes on bass, and Rich Cerajewski on piano. “Heartaches” polka and a great version of “Jolly Fellow” polka are just two on from that collection.

Polkas Pod Nogi brings in Gary Weber on concertina and the Treltones’ well-known arrangement of “Circus” polka and their legendary “Not for Air Play” polka.

Whatever you do, grab this one now. It is polkas as they should be, foot-stompin’ and from the heart.  There are 26 digitally remastered tracks and this is on the Bel-Aire Vintage Collection. – Steve Litwin


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