The Best of the New Brass-The New Brass-CD


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CD Double Set

Joy Joy Polka
Lovesick Polka
On The Road Oberek
Looking For a Wife Polka
Swingin’ Brass Polka
Today, Tomorrow, Always Polka
Hop To It Oberek
One More Time Polka
100 Proof Polka
Girl On The Hill Polka
Three Pals Polka
Flea Fly Polka
Automobile Polka
Where Were You Oberek
Hogans Polka
Everybody Loves Somebody Polka
Jeannie’s Polka
Chubby Valley Polka
Dance A Happy Dance
Brass Bounce Polka
You Turn Me On Oberek
Victors Poalk Sneakers Polka
The Suns Gonna Shine Polka
Pots And Pans Polka
Steve’s Special Polka
Musician’s Wife Polka
Merry Go Round Polka
We Like It Polka
Krakowianka Oberek
Y’all Come Polka


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