Polka Medley Album-Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones-LP


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Side 1
Give A Hand To The Band
Old Timers Polka Favorites

Side 2
Tribute To The Bands
Versatone’s Greatest Hits

Polka Meldey Versatones’ Style
By Steve Litwin
April 1983

So Many adjectives have been used to describe the excellence of Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones that it has almost become
repetitious. One thing that is always repetitious about the Versatones is quality. Now, on their Bel-Aire album, Eddie and the
band have given the polka world yet another piece of polka quality with the release of their “Polka Medley” recording.

Consisting of four Versatones’ medleys, this album drives, pushes, and powers its way through a collection of tunes that is
like compressing an entire Versatones’ dance into just over a half-hour.

“Give a Hand to the Band” is a collage of Polish and American polkas, expertly strung together like a string of fine
pearls. “Old Timer’s Polka Favorites” brings together all those familiar Polish polkas with hardly a breath between tunes.
Side two opens with the Versatones’ “Tribute to the Bands,” just as if you were standing stage-front. And if that isn’t
Frankie Yankovic vocalizing during that particular segment, we’ll eat our record rack. Last on this disc is the “Versatones’ Greatest Hits” medley which is a musical history of this “Polka Music Association” from 1963 to present.

The excitement and musical power demonstrated on this album is continuous and the only dead spots are the “lead-in” groove
to the next track. The horns, concertina, accordion, bass and drums are mixed with skill and the listener in mind. As
for vocals, it’s been said many times by many people, “Eddie is a true master.” His voice is like a classic instrument, tuned
to perfection.

The Polka Medley album by Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones is a must for all. Grab it now and hear a master at work.


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