Old Country Songs-Chet Kowalkowski/John Jaworski-CD

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Sliczny Zamek / Polka
Siedziala Dziewczyna / Oberek
O Goralu Nie Zapomnij / Polka
Hop Ciuk Opilem Sobie / Oberek
Rybolowcy / Polka
Synowa / Oberek
Tad Nad Wisla / Polka
Na Wojtowej Roli / Waltz
Moja Dziewczyna Krakowiak
Nad Brzegiem Morza – Walc
Szla Dziewczyna Kolo Mlyna / Oberek
Tancowala Ryba Z Rakiem / Polka
Pocozes Mnie Matulenko / Oberek

Originally released on Cassette back in the early 1990s, “Old
Country Songs,” by “Chet Kowalkowski” & “John Jaworski” has been
reissued on
compact disc and is now available on Bel-Aire Recordings.

Kowalkowski and Jaworski, two Polish polka purists combine their talents to feature new “old” sounds and, as it did when first released, I’m sure it will receive raves from both Polish and polka fans everywhere.

“Old Country Songs,” by “Chet Kowalkowski” & “John Jaworski” of Chicago, features vocals by these two polka musicians backed by the music of the Moutaineer Musicians. (Goralskie Muzykanci)

Kowalkowski, well known for this vocals with Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones in the 1960’s, was the brainstorm behind this cassette and the original concept of this collection was originated during his childhood. He would watch his Father performing with many of the Polish Highlanders at friends and relatives with instrumentation, consisting of violin, cello, concertina and/or accordion.

Kowalkowski has attempted to simulate that style of Polish music on this recording. Music and lyrics in this recording were compiled through the efforts of both Jaworkski and Kowalkowski. It has been their long time ambition to produce such a recording featuring Polish folk tunes as played in the Polish villages many years ago.
The musicians featured on this tape have been chosen for their ability to duplicate the music of their Polish heritage.

Jaworski, trained on clarinet and sax, has always had a true connection to the traditional Polish Folk Tunes “played as they would be in the villages
of southern Poland.” His vocals are exceptional. John Jaworski performed
with many throughout his career including Casey Homel, Jerry Zahara, Stas Golonka, the Chi-Town Express and Jimmie Mieszala’s Chicago Magic. In 1970 he and John Poloko formed The Keynotes Orchestra, a group that many consider a landmark band of that time period.

Joining Jaworski and Kowalkowski are Jim “Chainsaw” Kurcharski, Walter Krzystofiak, Frank Berendt, Jr., and Bogdan Pawlikowski.

The 13 tracks on this selection of all Polish melodies include “Sliczny Zamek” polka, “O Goralu Nie Zapomnij” polka, “Synowa” oberek, na “Moja Dziewczyna” polka. Even new polka fans of today will recognize the melodies of many of the tunes on this one.

The “old country” flavor of this recording will warm your heart.
Blending the recording quality of today with the “sound” of yesterday, “Original Old Country Songs,” should be of interest to Polka and traditional Polish music lovers. This is a must for polka purists and for those interested in authentic village music of Poland.

Accompanying the CD is a printed booklet with biographical histories of the musicians and lyrics for all the songs.
“Old Country Songs,” by “Chet Kowalkowski” & “John Jaworski” in
on the Bel-Aire Recordings Label.

Steve Litwin
Polka Editor/Associate Editor
Polish American Journal
World Concertina Congress Hall of Fame inductee – 2004


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