My Father’s Shoes-Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones-CD


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Grammy Nominee

Sitting By Myself
Poor Girl
Lying In My Arms
Take Me Home Oberek
Try A Little Kindness
I’d Love To Dance
If I Only Knew
I’m From Krakow Oberek
Hold To A Dream
Live Happy
I Am A Musician


  1. Steve Litwin

    Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones, headed into their 40th year, released a dynamic new recording entitled “My Father’s Shoe” featuring Eddie Blazonczyk, Jr. On their Bel-Aire record label, this 12 track compact disc offers the listener a mixture of English and Polish vocals covering all eras of music from Frank Wojnarowski to Tim O’Brien. Always remaining connected to the roots and heritage of polkas, the Versatones give the listener great arrangments of Adamczyk’s “I Am A Polka Musician,”
    “Alright,” Wally’s “Live Happy” and “Take Me Home” oberek from the pen of Joe Oberaitis.

    The mix has plenty of full, rich concertina, solid horns, slick piano work and great bottom from solid bass and drums.

    Continuing the legacy started by Eddie Blazonczyk, Sr., Blazonczyk, Jr.
    produced this album, plays concertina and is the main vocalist on this recording. Dedicating this recording to his Father, Eddie Blazonczyk, Jr.
    is keeping Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones “The Nation’s Number One Polka Band.” His comments in the liner notes are from the heart, just like the music of this Chicago polka music association. The spirit and musical dominance of the Versatones is remains strong and powerful in today’s polka world.

    As an extra added attraction, you’ll see three generations of the Blazonczyk family on the artwork, with Eddie Jr’s son, featured along with his father and grandfather.

    Steve Litwin
    Polka Editor/Associate Editor
    Polish American Journal
    World Concertina Congress Hall of Fame inductee – 2004

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