Highways & Dance Halls-Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones-CD


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2004 Release

Falling, Falling Falling
Be My Wife
Leaving On Her Mind
Please Be My Love
Village Bells
I Wanna Dance With You
Happy Dolls
Another Day On The Road
Brothers Of The Bottle
10 O’clock
Flirting Girl
Nation’s # 1



  1. Steve Litwin

    When “Highways and Dancehalls” are part of your regular routine, you quickly learn to adapt – adapt to the routine of travel, the routine of not being with your family and to adapt your sound to encompass those
    fine lines than separate the traditional, the new, and the classic.

    Eddie Blazoncyzk’s Versatones on “Highways & Dancehalls,” their latest offering, blend the old, the new and the tradition that has made this band a leader of the polka industry for decades.
    Eddie Blazconzyk, Jr. has accomplished the task of creating originals that should bear the Versatones’ identity and continue the dominance of this Chicago based dynasty. “I wanna Dance with You,” “Another Day on the Road,” and “Nation’s #1” belong on a Versatones’ album and part of the Versatones’ legacy. “Nation’s #1” is the last track and I played it 3
    times in a row. The closing of this tune has to raise those “Polka goosebumps” for any one truly connected to this music.
    Polish tracks like “Village Bells,” “Happy Dolls,”10 O’Clock” and hot performance of “Flirting Girl” connect with the heritage of this music and the band. “Falling Falling Falling” with plenty of fiddle and “Please Be My Love” give a little country flavor the the project while “Brothers of the Bottle” is well done in oberek tempo.

    The recording Versatones for this one include Eddie Blazonczyk, Jr. on concertina and fiddle, Dave “Nigel” Kurdziel on bass, Bob Zima on drums, Jim Sierzega and Gerry Kaminski on trumpets, Eric Noltcamper on accordion, and Roger Malinowski, Jr. on piano.
    Bel-Aire is the label and studio. The cover package is first class with photography by Michael Stewart and graphic design by Chris Abshire of Intune Graphics.

    Let Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones take you on the road with them with “Highways and Dancehalls.” – Steve Litwin, Polka Editor- Polish American Journal.

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