Everybody Polka-Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones-LP


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Everybody Polka
Did You Have To Bring That Up Polka
Brighton Park Polka
It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
As Years Pass By Waltz
Polka Lounges In Chicago
Polka Menagerie
Tell Me Girlie Polka
Village Girls Polka
At The Mill Oberek
I’m Happy Today Polka
Oj Kasiu Waltz
Hej Goralu Polka
Hej Karolciu Polka

Of late the Versatones have exhibited a new spirit and a distinct
instrument identity on their recordings Their most recent
effort, “Everybody Polka,” on Bel-Aire, perfectly illustrates the attention to details and commitment to
quality of these musicians. This entire package doesn’t compare
to some of those outstanding Versatone albums of the past like
“Polka Hits”, “Polka Hall of Fame”, “Wide World of
Polkas” and “Polka Celebration,” it surpasses them.

As is the rule, Eddie Blazonczyk has created another “opening”
number for not only this recording but also his stage perform
ances. “Everybody Polka,” the lead cut is exactly that, a lead
cut. It sets the pace whether from the turntable or the stage.
With the objective of not individually dissecting each tune we
can safely tell you, putting the stylus down just about anywhere
on the album will produce a bounty.

The vocals, the horns, the tempo, the boxes, have all been assembled to yield a Versatones’
gem. With the objective of individually mentioning a few tunes, you
will find yourself in love with, the melody of “Hej Karolciu,”
the lyrics of “Did You Have To Bring That Up,” and the instrumen
tal magic of “Brighton Park.” “I’m Happy Today” polka treats you
to the vocals of Eddie Jr. and Eddie Sr. On “Polka Lounges in
Chicago” the staccato action of accordion, concertina and vocals
will have you wanting to dance. On “At The Mill” oberek you’ll
find it impossible to stay seated.

The truth is, this recording does what it is meant to do, make “Everybody Polka.” -Steve Litwin – Polka Editor – Polish American Journal.


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