Best of the Good Times – Dennis Motyka’s Good Times – CD


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1. Wedding Polka Medley
2. Poprawiny Polka
3. Oj Oj Oberek
4. Chrome Dome Polka
5. Gettin’ Married In The Mornin’
6. Father Of The Bride Waltz
7. Wedding Polka
8. Not Ready To Marry Polka
9. Sweet Sixteen Polka
10. Going Steady Oberek
11. Andy Day’s Polka
12. That’s A No No Polka
13. I Don’t Love You Anymore
14. One More Time Polka
15. Do Tanca Polka
16. Cooked Goose Polka
17. AC/DC Oberek
18. My Kind Of Picnic Polka
19. Steve Adamczyk Polka Medley
20. Everyone Wanted Me
21. Old Polka Records
22. There Are Songs Polka
23. Husia Susia Polka
24. Rob Roy Polka
25. Junior’s Polka
26. Daddy’s Waltz
27. Oochie Koochie Smile
28. Curly’s Polka


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