Best of the Ampol Aires Vol. 1-Ampol Aires-CD


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Two Classic Albums On One Great CD!
Polka Nite Life in Chicago with the Ampol Aires
The Fabulous Ampol Aires on The Move

Tuba Polka
Strolling Girl Waltz
Harmony Hall Polka
Parade Polka
Aunt And Uncle Polka
Mary Mine Polka
Happy Widower Polka
Mountain Drive Polka
Linden Tree Waltz
I Don’t Need You Polka
Green Leaf Polka
GoodNite Waltz
Hey Muzykanci Polka
Polish Wedding Polka
Swir Swir Mazurek
Windy City Polka
In The Garden Waltz
Helena Polka
Lucy’s Polka
Going Steady Oberek
Cal City Polka
St. Paul Waltz
Open The Window Polka
Flisak Krakowiak


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