Batteries Not Included-Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones-CD


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Grammy Nominated 2006 Release

1. Ride, Ride, Ride
2. The Wife You Save
3. Good Old Days
4. My Misery
5. Chłopak
6. When I Look Into Her Eyes
7. Oh How I Miss You
8. Promises
9. In The Oak Grove
10. The Reason For Your Smile
11. Sweet Sixteen
12. Change Of Heart
13. No, No, Never


  1. Steve Litwin

    The new CD by the Versatones, Batteries Not Included, continues to keep the Versatones at the top of the polka field with a distinctive and melodic style. Filled with plenty of accordion push, a solid beat and tight horns, this 13 track recording doesn’t need the power of batteries to give fans of this Chicago musical dynasty what they crave.
    From the lead track, Lynn Anderson’s “Ride, Ride, Ride” to “When I Look Into Her Eyes, a tune penned by Eddie Blazonczyk, Sr., this one blends old and new, Polish and English, and solid performances by the musicians. “Chlopak,” “In the Oak Grove,” “Promises,” “Good Old Days,” and “Sweet Sixteen” also get special mention in this collection.
    Eddie Blazonczyk, Jr., the man in control of this band, deserves recognition for not only his music, but for his work and determination in keeping Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones a “band in demand.” Without him, there would be no versatones and that would create a large void in the body of polka music.Joining J. R. on concertina is Dave “Nigel” Kurdziel on bass, Bobby Zima on drums, Jim Sierzega on trumpet, Steve Rodgers on accordion, Mike Stapinski on clarinet and Roger Malinowski, Jr. on piano.
    Of course, Batteries Not Included is on the Bel-Aire label.

    Steve Litwin
    Polka Editor/Associate Editor
    Polish American Journal
    World Concertina Congress Hall of Fame inductee – 2004

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