Another Day At The Office-Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones-CD


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Sing A Long
Step By Step
Why Marry
You Should Get Married Oberek
A Little Love
Two Weeks In May
Going By My Sweetheart
Green Bridge Waltz
I Know That You Know
On The Bridge
That’s Life

Eddie Blazoncyk’s Versatones spend just Another Day at the Office on their new recording of that same name. With a return to the true roots of the band and the music, you’ll find “plenty of Polish” on this album, including the lead track, “Sing A Long,” a Blazonczyk-Solek tune.

With a familiar melody, the Blazonczyk penned tune, “Step By Step” is the second track and continues this dynamic recording session which is as hot as the Versatones of old.

JR has directed this band to it’s heart and Eddie Sr. is sounding strong and superb on vocals. The Eddie Nowak tune, “Going By My Sweetheart,” and John Jaworski’s “On The Bridge” will easily awaken your Polish heart and make you realize why you love and appreciate Polish Polkas.

But, if you’re looking for those polka goose bumps, you’ll get them when the Versatones kick into “Automobile” polka, wiht Eddie B’s voice raising the hair on your arms and make your heart skip a polka beat.

On Bel-Aire Records and mixed at Peppermint Studios by Gary Rhamy, Eddie Blazoncyzk, Jr. and Wally Dombrowski, “Another Day at the Office” proves this band runs a tight office. The CD cover photo of the office, the recording studio fits the entire concept of this first class product.

If you don’t like this, you don’t like polka music. Get it today….you owe it to yourself to spend Another Day at the Office – Steve Litwin


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