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Please Let Me Mom
If I Should Wander Back Tonight
Two Kisses
My Cruel Pain (Janina)
Doctor Patient
Bouquet Of Roses
Let Me
Sophie’s Fancy
I’ll Give My Heart To You
Sitting Girl
Lucky Seven
Expecting Daughter
On The Top Of The Hill
We Are Polka Musicians

There is something about a Chicago polka band that often sets them on a different level. It might be their Polish vocals, their renditions of tunes, their drive, that make you truly appreciate polka music from the Windy City.

Danny Mateja and The Downtown Sound are “All Wound Up” on their recording, of that same name, on the Bel-Aire Record label.

With 16 tracks of polka pure power this five piece group manages to do originals, traditionals, some Guca, some Libera, and even some Happy Rich.

Of course you’d expect a concetina addict to start with the concertina player and Greg Nowak is bellowing and buttoning to perfection. If you are a boxplayer, or near boxplayer, this guy has a following that would elect him “king” tomorrow.

Ray (Melvin} Rzeszutko on drums and vocals is rock solid. Fred Edelmaier keeps the bass “bottom” best and his vocal on “On Top of the Hill” introduces a voice that is rich and full. Dan (Vudu) Leudanski on trumpet “blows” it with style, while Dan Mateja on stick, sax and vocals is steady and steadfast as ever.

“Betty’s” polka, “Expecting Daughter,” “Bouquet of Rose,” and “My Cruel Janina” are just a few here but every cut contains the Chi-Town magic.

Grab it today! You will love the Polish, the English and play this one through more than once. They are “All Wound Up” – The Downtown Sound.

It’s on the Bel-Aire label, produced by Eddie, Sr. and Engineered by Eddie, Jr. – Steve Litwin


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