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  1. Soo many years ago as a teenager my parents took me to a polka dance and there you were with all teenager musicians. I was hook that year of 1966 on polkas.and became a Polka Groupie. Here I am today a Grandma taking my grandchildren and their friends to polka dances hoping polka music will live on… Thanks for all the jokes some funny some not but always a laugh thanks for the memories Big Guy.
    Do Widzenia!

  2. The Blazonczyk Family:
    Very sorry to hear about the passing of your father. He was a wonderful person & a great musician. I was very lucky to have known him for a long time & also lucky to hear him play at many various events.

  3. The Blazonczyk Family:
    Very sorry to hear of your fathers passing. He was a wonderful person & a great musician. I was very lucky to have known him for an extended period of time. Also my brother Bob was lucky to be a member of the band.
    Our Deepest Sympathy
    The Bobin Family

  4. He meant so much to so many.. thank you to Tish for ALWAYS sharing your husband with the world. He was and always will be the BEST…we wished that we could sing like Eddie B, we never wanted the dances to end, we always wanted one more time(again and again)we could never get enough and he will be remembered in all of our hearts….foever.
    Denise Shapiola

  5. I had the great honor of knowing and making music with Eddie Blazonczyk and he truly was an inspiration to me and countless others. My thoughts and prayers are with the Blazonczyk family. Eddie was a great man who made a difference. He will be missed, but always remembered.

  6. thank you eddie i was lucky enough to go to Poland with your group in 2004. you took me back to where I was born a memory i will keep forever this trip would not have been possible without you..I was lucky enough to know you and your wonderful polka music i will not forget all the good times..

  7. We are truly saddened of the passing of your Husband and your Father, you were very Blessed with such a wonderful person who made everybody happy. He was the greatest singer, and a great entertainer. We always looked foward to him coming to Pa. We sure loved his Oberek’s.
    Sad day in Polka Nation. Bernice & Babe Koskee.

  8. On behalf of all of our members we extend our most deepest sympathy!


  9. Eddie and the Versatones played at our wedding, November 10th 1973 and what a great band they were. Everyone had a fantastic time, the dance floor was never empty and Eddie not only a great entertainer, but he was a heck of great guy to talk to as well. The Polka world will never be the same without him, but heaven will certainly be doing the polka in style now.
    Our sincerest sympathy to the entire family, God Bless.

  10. My family has spent every Christmas since I can remember, listening to Polish carols sung by your father. Please accept our deepest sympothany. Your father’s music was a pillar in every Polish families collection of music…..he will be greatly missed.

  11. Where on earth do we start, well i guess you could call “Mr B” and legend of his own.Yes, there will never be another.It has been such a honor to know such a talented and gifted individual such as you ”Mr B” for 40 years and all the laughs and good times you have given so many people in the POLKA industry.There has been tiny tots who have danced to your music as well the elderly who just could not sit down while you cranked that guitar or banged them drums to that” HONKY TONK POLKA MUSIC”. “Mr. B” yes indeed you will be truely missed and all our hearts but with the greatest of all memories that you could have given to so many people. Deepest sympathy to the Blazonczyk family and our prayers are with you along with the greatest of happy memories that any one special human being could give to so many people. YES IT WAS A” HONOR” TO KNOW SUCH A SPECIAL SPECIAL PERSON….. ”MR B” WE WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU.The Chismar Family Washington,D.C.

  12. Our sincere and most heartfelt sympathy goes out to the entire Blazonczyk Family and to all the Versatones, friends and fans of Eddie.
    A true Polka Hero to all of us who loved Eddie and the wonderful music and good times that he along with all the Versatones gave us! He may be gone but will never be forgotten, he will live on in our hearts and memories and especially through his music!
    May God be with you as you grieve the loss of a wonder man and may you find comfort in knowing that so many people care and appreciate the talent of Eddie and all that he did for Polka music.
    May he rest in Peace!

    Margaret & Joe Pinter
    South Bend, IN

  13. Dear Tish and Family:
    Please accept my sincere sympathy on the passing of Eddie. What a gentlemen’s gentleman ! A Polonian of distiction and class. What a joy it was to meet and follow Eddie whether it was St. Claude’s Festival in Detroit, IPA, Bel-aAire-Days or the Springs. It was always a grea time. Know of my prayers and thoughts with you at this time. May Songs of the Angels welcome you and guide you along your way Eddie….I Know that Lil Wally, Eddie Zima and other greats along with Eddie are now having the best jam session every. God bless you. Brother Ambrose

  14. Tish, Eddie Jr., Tony & Kathy,
    My deepest sympathy to all of you.. He will be remembered in our hearts forever. He touched so many with his smile, personality a true gentlemen at heart .He can never be replaced. You all have something to be very proud of. Enjoyed when he came to Jersey: Bayway, Irvington Polish Home and our Family Fan Club started by MattySpychalski and of course the Polka Festivals. May His legacy live on in all our hearts Heaven has truly gained a real “POLKA HERO” May HE REST IN PEACE and May the GOOD LORD GRANT YOU COMFORT & PEACE
    Duane Haverick
    Montville , New Jersey

  15. In this time of sorrow, Mary and I are reminded of Eddie Blazonczyk. A man with talents few of us possess. A man who used his talents to know us individually and gave us his music that is so good it will live on and on.
    “Quite the Guy!”
    We miss you.

    Chet and Mary Dombrowski

  16. Wielkie wyrazy współczucia dla całej rodziny z powodu śmierci Eddiego – składam z Ojczyzny znad morza z Gdańska.
    Wbrew pozorom – my tutaj też słuchamy takiej muzyki i żałujemy że zmarł jej wielki popularyzator.
    Wyrazy współczucia i pozdrowienia
    Artur Łukasiewicz

  17. TISH:
    No one else can comprehend
    The sadness in your heart …
    You knew this man completely –
    Others only knew in part.
    Yet love and hope remain as bright
    As they have always been –
    A light of strength and courage
    Shines, as always, deep within,
    Though no one else can lift away
    The grief you’re going through,
    Others want to honor all Eddie meant to you.

    Whever we hear another musican has died the song by Stas Bulanda back in 1996 “BAND UP IN THE SKY” comes to mind. Who could believe that since
    then heaven has expanded greatly and Eddie has now joined them.
    Heaven is forever changed. The person we loved is reunited with those gone
    before. Smiles flash across the skies in celebration, tears are wiped away
    and replaced with peace. And we all will meet again someday.

    We have our own”special” memories of Eddie. The many years in Ocean City,
    MD, Pulaski Park in Three Rivers, MA and the special honor of having him in
    our home on 2 occassions in Wilbraham, MA. Also countless pictures, videos,
    albumns, cassettes,dvd’s which we will always cherish.
    He knew us as Piotr and Jania. Also M/M Santa Claus.

    May the memories of Eddie and the special times you shared, help ease your
    sadness. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Peter and Jane Siuda, Wilbraham, MA

  18. Katherine, Tony (Rena), Ed Jr. (Cheryl)
    Please know how very sorry we are for you.
    When God calls our loved one home,
    He leaves a gift of memories in exchange.
    Hold on to your memories of your father
    and let it comfort you during this time of sadness.
    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Peter and Jane Siuda,
    Wilbraham, MA

  19. The Blazonczyk Family has our deepest sympathy, I am sure he is heaven watching over you’s. I have been with my husband for over 30 years, and he also plays in a polka band, we have gone to Chicago just to see Eddy,we have followed the band for years. We have all his recoredings in one way or another, I have pictures of him holding my son years ago and he still likes to listen to the older recordings. Eddy B will be remebered in our family for ever.
    Becky Wisneski
    DuBois, IL

  20. Dear Blazonczyk family,

    I wish to express my sympathy to the entire family on the passing of Eddie SR. He was such a great man, entertainer, musician, singer. I will always remember the last time I saw him at 7 springs years ago. Even in a wheelchair, he had time and energy to talk and shake your hand. I’ve enjoyed his music for many years. He will always be my Polka Hero.

    With sympathy,

    Joe Zabinsky

  21. Tish and family,
    I just learned today of Eddie’s passing and I am very saddened. Eddie was a great entertainer and person and what a wonderful voice. I have many memories of him playing at Personality when I waitressed for my Aunt and Uncle. I play many of his CD’s at my home along with other polka greats but he had by far one of the most unique sounds ever. I’m sure that my Dad and Uncle welcomed him with a polka or two along with all the other polka greats that have passed.
    My sympathies go out to you and your family and I’m sure Eddie knows that you will all carry on.

  22. My sincere condolences to the Blazonczyk family.
    May God bless you with comfort.
    May some comfort come in knowing that a tremendous number of people were
    very, very fond of Eddie’s music with the Versatones, as was my family as I grew up
    in the ‘60s and ’70s. Mom had a large collection of vinyl, which is now mine,
    of almost every album Eddie and the Versatones made. I must say that of all the Polka music recordings Mom and Dad had, the most pleasant to listen to were
    those of Eddie and the Veratones. There are two particular tunes which were,
    and still are, my all-time favorites: APPLES, PEACHES, PUMPKIN PIE and a cute Christmas item called TWINKLE TOES that Mom bought on a ’45′.
    One year in the late ‘80s or early’90s, Eddie and the band were performing at
    Ron’s Bungalow in the village of Stickney for Valentine’s Day. I treated Mom to the
    event, and she had the most wonderful time. That was one wonderful evening.
    It is sad to lose Eddie, but the records will keep him alive forever in our hearts.
    I still have that 45 of Twinkle Toes. As scratchy as it is, it still plays at Christmas.
    Thank you, Eddie, for giving us such joyful, happy, lively music to listen and
    dance to. Music is a labor of love. Your musical gift of love to the world
    has surely earned you a beautiful eternity in Heaven. God bless you!

  23. It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of the one and only Eddie Blazonczyk Sr. Our heartfelt condolences to the entire Blazonczyk family. We hope that in time, the pain and sorrow that we all feel will give way to the great memories, treasured muscial gifts and legacy left behind by Mr. Blazonczyk. Eddie touched so many and gave so much but not only to those in the great USA and Europe but also to all of his many, many fans here in Canada. We SO looked forward to his many visits. We loved seeing him and I think he loved coming here too. His visits were frequent and so appreciated. Those were very special times that are permanently etched in all of our hearts forever, never to be forgotten. Yes Eddie, rest assured that we ALL had such a GOOD time! God Bless You and Thank You!

    Les and Alice Kapuscinski
    Oakville, Ontario Canada

  24. I joined Ed when we were called ‘Eddy Bell & the Hillbppers’ in the Fabulous Fifties. His MOM ‘Antoinette’ owned the place on 17th. and Ashland in Chicago. A huge dance floor up and and great size downstairs, where we played our ‘rock and roll’ 50’s style. He was always a Great Guy and organized his group as meticulous as he could. I loved Ed. and even with his spontaneous with his funny antics you could see the professionalism. God bless you Ed. THEY ARE ALL ENJOYING YOU IN HEAVEN Frank and your good bud, George Jozaitis.


  26. From the Piotrowski Family to Kathy and her family. It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of your Dad. Please extend our heartfelt condolences to the entire Blazonczyk family. He truly will be missed. I’m sure your Dad and Jimbo are “doin it polka style” now!
    Take care and God Bless!

  27. I first heard Senior at the McKinley Park Inn — Buffalo, NY. I remember the energy he and the Versatones provided. I could feel the floor bouncing under my feet. I would always look forward to the annual Polish Festival in Cheektowaga Town Park. Since then, I have become a huge polka fan. I listen to polka music everyday and usually hear s song from Senior. He will be missed and forever will be the Polka King!

  28. I was never a polka fan but I have been to many dances and have listened to Mr. Blazonczyk’s mucis all of my life because my parents Mr. and Mrs. Leonard and Nancy Kikel would play the music it seemed 24/7. My dad was a huge fan and introduced me to Mr. Blazonczyk one day and he was very kind to me. My dad would always say “Eddie B is the best there is.” I always new when the band was coming to our area of western PA as our weeks schedule would include a stop to see the band. When my dad passed away this past year my memories of him brought me back so many times to the music and times my dad loved. It was hard to hear a polka after my dad passed. When i heard of the passing of Mr. Blazonczyk it only flooded my mind with the times with my dad and the great times Mr. Blazonczyk brought to my dad and mom. My dad is probably asking him to sing a song in heaven and maybe if we listen real close we can hear that bass. I just want to say I am so sorry for your loss and just know how much Mr. Blazonczyk meant to so many people like my dad and mom. He even affected me, a none polka fan, just because he made my dad and mom happy which made me happy. May God Bless.

  29. Blazonczyk family,
    I have just recently learned of your loss and the loss to the polka musicindustry. For me it has been a long time being around this field that I grew up in. As an adult my life took me in many different paths. However, I have always returned to the days of joy and happiness that this music has brought to me . I still play all of my old albums and one in particular that is my favorite is Eddies Hall of Fame album. You see this one has much meaning to me because my grandmothers picture is on it. She thought the world of Eddie!
    God bless you and yours,
    Joseph E. Salomon (grandson to joe and jean salomon of Joe and Jeans lounge.)

  30. Thank you so much for letting me pick up my recent Polka Order! Love the records and already played through a bunch!

  31. So sorry to hear of Eddies passing, biig loss for music. Industry. Is his sister Louise in the chicago? Since my brother Frank passed away I don’t get any news. Josie and Jennie and Stephan are still alive and well, I’d like to surprise them will an updaate on Louise
    Lorraine( Jarosz) Meyer

  32. Your dad was indeed the “king” of polka music, I had the great honor of meeting him along with my cousin, Col. Bill Kanuik-Manager of Kenny Bannon & The Polka Jaks Orchestra /aka/The Polka Jaks Orchestra of Jessup, Pennsylvania.

    We lost Bill first, then Mary second to illness. We were deeply sadden when your father passed on, it was a real shock for many of us in the polish music circles.

    My deepest thoughts continue to be for the millions of fans, who became supporters of polkas throughout the world through the Belaire Records label. Not withstanding, the great loss to the family of the “king’s” family as well.

    With deepest personal regards.

    It’s A Small World Polka,
    Paul “Billy” Wolfe
    Vice President Of International Operations
    26 West Hanover Place-#611
    Trenton, New Jersey 08608-1218 USA

  33. Keep polka alive
    love U guys

  34. Your Sunday Show (July 31) was absolutely beautiful!!!

  35. greetings from your only listener in Russia, I guess

  36. Few years back, you guys played at St. Josephs in Lansing Ohio. They raffled off a fifth of whiskey, and I won it. Junior, and the rest of the band except Eddie Sr. had a shot of whiskey. I don’t know if you guys remember playing that gig but I always thought your dad was the best.
    Back when I was a kid, your dad was playing for a dance down in the same area and Chet Kawalkoski was playing for him at that time. I was invited to John Regalskis house where your dad and Chet were staying. He was my polka hero, and still is. Will meet again, I’m sure.
    Don Ludwig

  37. Hello Blazonczyk family. I hope during these trying times you are staying safe. Can’t wait to get live music going again – I’m wearing out my CDs! I think often about the great times listening to the band over the years. Stay well and take care, Bobby Zagozda

  38. so grateful for the Sunday show. Listen every week, and try to use the services of the sponsors.

  39. Eddie Tribute tonight (01/01/2021) is the BEST…thanks to Todd Z and, of course, Eddie for his special musical talent!!!!

  40. It’s just so wonderful to be able to enjoy the wonderful Polish music and enjoy it in Aurora Colorado. It brings back memories of listening to the radio show with my Grandmother back in Her house on the South Side of Chicago ( South side on 45th & Kenzie )….
    You are truly a Blessing Tish .listening today to the Easter themes of music is Wonderful

    Blessings to you all from The Colorado Rockies

    Uncle Patrick

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