A Polka Fireworks 2017 THANK YOU!!

A Big Thank You to all the polka fans who came from near & far to make the 42nd Annual Polka Fireworks Festival an incredible success!

Thank you to all the bands who performed – they were great, all the IJs and DJs for helping to promote the festival, the committee of volunteers who made sure everything ran smoothly, and the staff at Seven Springs for all of their help. Thank you too, to DJ Kenny Olowin for the entertainment at the pool parties.

A special thank you to Randy Koslosky, Kosmix, and Polka Method. The Pool Party was awesome! Your enthusiasm, excitement, and young talent are a joy for all who were able to be there to witness that fun!

Thank you to Big Dan & Marcia for all their efforts in the Saturday Pool Party Extravaganza – another exciting event that takes place at Polka Fireworks each year!

Thank you to Charlie Tansek for hosting the Annual Litwin Concertina Jam – it’s delightful to see this tradition continue.

Looking forward to seeing everybody at Polka Fireworks 2018!
Wednesday, July 4th – Sunday, July 8th

Sincere Thanks,
Tish Blazonczyk & Family