July 2-5 – Polka Celebration Weekend CD Sale and Special Offer

We may not be able to gather in Seven Springs over the holiday weekend this year, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate with a sale on the best polka music around!! July 2 through July 5, all CDs in the Bel-Aire online store are only $10! And to add to the fun, for every 3 CDs you order, you will receive 1 extra of our choice from the Bel-Aire warehouse.

You might receive a bonus disk from Bel-Aire and Ampol artists such as Ampol-Aires, Trel-Tones, The New Brass, Chet Kowalkowski, John Jaworski, Casey Homel, Gary Kuchenbecker, The Music Company, Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones, Jerry & Al, The Downtown Sound, Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push, Richie Gomulka, Wanda & Stephanie, Stas Golonka, Memories of Marion Lush.

Start shopping right now!!

Canceled – 2020 Polka Fireworks

polka fireworks 2020 canceledWe regret to inform you that Polka Fireworks – Seven Springs 2020 has officially been canceled. The stay at home order has been lifted as of May 15 and the county has transitioned from the red phase to the yellow phase.  However, entertainment venues and gatherings of more than 25 people cannot begin until an area reaches the green phase and at this point in time, Pennsylvania officials have not yet determined the criteria they will use to move counties into the green phase.  Concern for the safety of our patrons and our community is first and foremost.  It is everyone’s objective to avoid a resurgence of this virus and prioritize public health.  Please like our Polka Fireworks and Bel-Aire Records Facebook pages or continue to visit our website for more information regarding the 2021 Polka Fireworks Festival.