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Learn About Eddie Blazonczyk BEFORE The Versatones

Drive Ins Book

Ducktails Driveins DavisShipping starts June 1, 2023.  To learn more about Eddie Blazonczyk’s rockabilly days, here is a newly released book available that highlights his musical career prior to his transition to the Versatones. A great read about the 1950s music scene and a beloved period of Americana. Thank you author Hank Davis for this soon-to-be best-seller!

Available through Suny Press

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Eddie Blazonczyk Sr’s Grammy Featured at the Abraham Lincoln Museum

The Blazonczyk Family is proud to announce that Eddie Sr.’s musical legacy is on display at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum in Springfield, IL and is currently the “Featured Artifact.” Please visit the museum website for ticket information.
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2014 Poland Trip Photos

Danke! Thank You! Dziekuje!

Thank you to the wonderful group of friends who toured Germany & Poland with us this summer!

We had beautiful weather, delicious food, outstanding hotels, and lots of fun!

A very special Thank You goes out to Mary & Richard Gorecki of Pat Tours for organizing a magnificent and most memorable tour, as always.

Some of this year’s trip highlights included: A Bavarian dinner at the Hofbrauhaus, a visit to see remnants of the Berlin Wall, shopping at the famous Boleslawiec pottery factory, a great afternoon in the charming city of Wroclaw, the Festival of Beskid Culture, Kawulok’s Cottage, Mass at the beautiful Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, Dujajec River raft ride, and of course Mushroom Soup at Hawelka’s!

We are in the planning stages of our 2016 Poland Tour and as soon as we have information available, we will post the details.

Thank you!

Tish & Kathy