Oktoberfest with Box On – Sunday, October 12, 2014

oktoberfest 2014Oktoberfest
October 12, 2014
at Glendora House
featuring Box On
from Michigan

Box On is the culmination of time in the life of one family. Rick and Alicia Vinecki have been married for twenty-four years. Rick had his own band, The Melody in the eighties. Alicia was part of Polka Family. Rick and Alicia met at a polka dance in Detroit and were married just seven months later.

They are now the parents of eight amazing children. Each child has shown musical ability and the desire to perform.

Lucas plays guitar and drums and sings a mean Elvis. Maria plays bass and keeps the beat steady. Olivia plays keyboards and sings lead on many familiar songs. Julia plays guitar and sings lead and backup vocals. Alex plays drums and trumpet and sings. Tony and Bella, the two youngest sing and would like to grow into musicians in the future. Nick also too enjoys music and plays an accordion in his own special way.

CD concession • Raffles • Fun for Everyone

Doors Open at 1:30
Music 2:00 – 6:00
Admission $12 Payable At-the-Door

2014 Poland Trip Photos

Danke! Thank You! Dziekuje!

Thank you to the wonderful group of friends who toured Germany & Poland with us this summer!

We had beautiful weather, delicious food, outstanding hotels, and lots of fun!

A very special Thank You goes out to Mary & Richard Gorecki of Pat Tours for organizing a magnificent and most memorable tour, as always.

Some of this year’s trip highlights included: A Bavarian dinner at the Hofbrauhaus, a visit to see remnants of the Berlin Wall, shopping at the famous Boleslawiec pottery factory, a great afternoon in the charming city of Wroclaw, the Festival of Beskid Culture, Kawulok’s Cottage, Mass at the beautiful Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, Dujajec River raft ride, and of course Mushroom Soup at Hawelka’s!

We are in the planning stages of our 2016 Poland Tour and as soon as we have information available, we will post the details.

Thank you!

Tish & Kathy